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2024 MLB Regular Season Scoreboard - Sunday, July 7

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Sports Bet Terms

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ACTION - The amount of money being wagered on a game.

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BAD BEAT - A hard loss.

BOOKIE - A person or organization that sets the lines and books the bets in sports.

BANKROLL - The amount of money the player plans to gamble.

BEARD - A messenger bettor. Someone who places bets on behalf of another person so that the bookmakers will not know the identity of the actual bettor.

BEEF - A dispute.

BUCK - A $100 wager.

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CHALK - The team favored to win.

CHALK PLAYER - A person who usually wagers on the favored teams. A.K.A Favorite Freddie, chalk eater.

CIRCLE GAME - A game where the betting action is severely limited due to uncertainties about key injuries, inclement weather conditions, or unsubstantiated rumors regarding a team.

COVER - To win by more than the point spread

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DEGENERATE - A compulsive gambler.

DIME BET - A $1,000 wager.

DOG - The underdog in any betting proposition. A.K.A. Puppy

DOG PLAYER - A person who usually bets on the underdog.

DOLLAR BET - A $100 wager.

DOUBLE BET - A wager twice the amount of one's normal wager.

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EARN - The practical hold percentage.

EDGE - An advantage.

EVEN MONEY - A wager on which the odds are 1-1.

EXOTIC BET - A bet other than a straight bet or parlay.

EXPOSURE - The amount of money the house will risk losing on a game or race.

EXTENSION - The amount of money the house theoretically stands to lose on a game or race.

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FIGURE - Amount of money owed to or by a bookmaker.

FIRING - Wagering huge sums of money.

FLEA - An annoying person who wants something for nothing. One who expects to be comped for a $2 wager.

FORM - The performance expected of a team according to how they look on paper.

FUTURE BET - Bets accepted well in advance of the events.

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GETTING DOWN - Making a bet.

GOING DOWN - Losing a bet or bets.

GROSS WIN - The amount of winnings before subtracting the expenses.

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HANDICAPPER - A person who studies sports and predicts its outcome.

HEDGING - Betting on the opposite side in order to cut losses or guarantee winning a minimal amount of money.

HOLD - The percentage the house wins

HOLDING YOUR OWN - Neither winning or losing, just breaking even.

HOOK - A half point in pointspreads.

HOOKED - Losing a bet by exactly one-half a point.

HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE - The edge the home team is expected to have as a result of familiarity with the playing area, fan support, and the effect of travel on the visiting team.

HOOPS - Another term for Basketball.

HOT GAME - A game that draws a significant amount of action on one side by knowledgeable handicappers.

HOT TIP - Insider information that the bookmaker cannot divulge.

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JUICE - Bookmaker's commission, also known as the vig or vigorish.

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LAYING THE POINTS - Betting on the favorite. A.K.A. lay a price

LAYOFF BET - A bet made by one bookmaker with another in order to balance the action and reduce the risk on one side.

LIMIT - The maximum bet accepted by a house or bookmaker before he changes odds and/or the points.

LINE - The listed odds on a game and/or payoff odds on the bet.

LINEMAKER - The person who establishes the original and subsequent betting lines.

LOCK - A sure winner.

LONGSHOT - A large underdog where the odds of winning is quite steep. Hence the term "Not by a longshot".

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MAN - The Bookmaker.

MIDDLES - To win both sides of a game.

MONEY LINE - The odds expressed in terms of money.

NEUTRAL SITE - Venue of a sporting event where neither side has a home field advantage.

NEWSPAPER LINE - The betting lines appearing in the daily newspapers.

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NICKEL - A $500 wager.

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ODDSMAKER - The same as a lines maker.

ODDS ON FAVORITE - A horse, team or individual so favored by the public that the odds are less than even.

OFF THE BOARD - A game on which no bets are accepted.

OFF LINES - The difference of amount the Las Vegas pointspread has compared with the computerized mathematical line.

OFFICIAL LINE - The line that the bookmaker uses for wagering purposes.

OUT - An illegal bookmaker.

OUTLAW LINE - An early line which is not an official line.

OVERLAY - When the odds of a given proposition are more in favor of the bettor than the house.

OVER & UNDER - A wager for the total score by both teams will more or less than the total posted by the sportsbook.

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PARLAY - A bet with two or more teams where all the teams beat on must win in order for the bettor to win the wager.

PAST PERFORMANCE - What has occurred previously to the forthcoming games.

PAST POST - To make a bet after the event has begun.

PICK'EM GAME - A game where team is favored.

PLAYER - A bettor, or gambler.

POINTSPREAD - The amount of points the bettor must give to take on any given game.

POST TIME - The scheduled starting time.

PRACTICAL HOLD PERCENTAGE - The amount won by a bookmaker divided by the total amount booked.

PRESS - Betting a larger amount than usual.

PRICE - The odds or pointspread.

PROPOSITION BET - A wager on a particular aspect of the game such as how many field goals will be made.

PUPPY - The underdog.

PUSH - Where neither team wins and all money is returned to the bettors.

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ROUND ROBIN - A form of parlay betting in which we wager various combining team wagers. A 3-team robin is team 1 to 2, 1 to 3, and 2 to 3. 4-team robin is team 1 to 2, 1 to 3, 1 to 4, 2 to 3, 2 to 4, and 3 to 4. 5-team, etc.

RUN DOWN - A line update.

RUNNER - A.K.A. Beard.

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SCALPER - A person who attempts to profit from the differences in odds from book to book by betting both sides of the same game at different prices.

SCORE - To win big.

SCRATCH - To withdraw or cancel a wager.

SCOUTS - Person(s) who study team plays and/or practice and report findings to handicappers.

SIDE - Winning one side of a wager and tying the other side.

SMART MONEY - Sides that are bet on by the more knowledgeable handicappers.

SPORT PLAYER - A person who waits for what he thinks is an unusually strong wager.

SQUARE - Unsophisticated gambler.

STAR - Rating.

STEAM - When heavy action occurs on one side.

STRAIGHT BET - A bet on just one team.

STORE - Bookie.

STUCK - Behind, losing, buried, down for the week

SUCKER BET - Betting on the underdog.

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TAKE A PRICE - Bet the underdog, take the points.

TAPPED OUT - Broke, busted, common result of pressing.

THEORETICAL HOLD PERCENTAGE - The edge the bookmaker would have if the odds guaranteed him a constant commission regardless of the outcome.

TOKE - A tip or bonus.

TOSS UP - A game where the line is close to pick-em.

TOUT SERVICE - A business that sells opinions on sports or horse wagers.

TRIPLE SHARP - The sharpest of the sharp.

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UNDERLAY - Having the odds of a proposition lean in favor of the house.

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VALUE - Getting the best available odds on a betting proposition

VIGORISH - The commission the bookmaker receives.

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WAGER - Any Bet.

WISE GUY - A sophisticated and successful sports bettor.